The New Sol

So…I have attention issues. We can talk about that another time. What I’d like to talk about now is what I’d like to talk about in the future. Which all sounds very Inception-like, something I also might like to talk about later.

I started this blog wanting a way to chronicle my bourbon notes as my husband, Mr. Sol, and I were expanding our whiskey horizons. And as much as I love bourbon, I have other thoughts too. I’m a complicated lady, alright!?

This is me redirecting my little corner of the Internet to talk about whatever I want.

I have grown up in Nashville and as such am kind of an expert on the place. (Not really, because it’s growing into this huge crazy new thing. Seriously, where did all you people come from?!) I like to talk about the strange thing that it is to watch your once anonymous city grow into something far more popular and weird.

I’m kind of obsessed with my house which sits on an acre and currently sports two layers of tacky fruit basket wallpaper.  My husband and I are remodeling at our own pace, which typically involves a growler, maybe some cocktails. It’s definitely often interrupted by gatherings, which brings me to my next point.

I like to talk about food. We cook often at home. And we dehydrate our own snacks. And we grow herbs and maybe one day veggies. We might be somewhat crunchy.

But really, I’m just into that chill life, at home in Nashville, but kinda in the country, with the pets and the teen and all the bourbons.

The view from here is not that bad.


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