Other Reasons Why I Drink….

Let me first clarify that most of what I say is at least somewhat tongue in cheek, as with the above title. 

When I logged onto Facebook this morning, a memory popped up from several years ago when I was a teacher. At the time, my principal had passed away and a new regime was placed in charge. The ensuing power shift placed myself and several other union members and leaders in less than desirable positions and classrooms within the school. I commented on it and someone that I thought was my closest friend made an odd reply. 

At the time, I didn’t think too much about it. But as the new principal began to assemble her crew and plan outings wherein bartenders poured drinks into their mouths “like baby birds”, I naturally started to separate myself. I don’t think I was considered one of the cool kids even if I had wanted to be belligerent and inappropriate in public as a school teacher. Needless to say, we drifted apart. 

A bit down the road I found out that my “friend” had been the cause of my fall from grace, so-to-speak, in order to secure her own position within the group that would later be ousted due to scandal. I’m not sure what really happened, and I’d like to believe that at least half the stories aren’t true. But none of it is really my concern. 

All this to say, sometimes we never really know people. My husband once said to me, “we never know what we mean to other people.” Which, I think is really true. It’s so easy to feel like we know people that we interact with, in person or on social media, but there are few people in life that will ever really know us to our core. And those that do are the ones you hold on to. 

It’s hard to be an optimist in this world and even harder these days to interact well with others. Some days, it’s nice to just enjoy your own space- a big back yard, some furry friends, and a great pour of bourbon. 

And that’s enough…


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