“The burn you feel when drinking bourbon is your soul healing.”

My name is Lauren.

I was born in Kentucky and raised in Nashville, TN by parents who hailed from Kentucky and New York City. Honestly, I’m not sure if I have an accent or not. We ended up here for the music, which is more diverse than you’d think. The Sol part is pronounced like “soul” and is a nod to my last name.

I am a wife, mother, and owner of many pets. I like to post funny pictures of them on Instagram. My son is 13; please pray for me. I work in higher education admissions, which is probably part of why I drink.  I’m a whiskey drinker since as long as I can remember. It probably didn’t help/hurt that a common KY cure for teething babies is a little bourbon on the gums. According to my mom, I would smack my lips when a whiskey bottle was opened around me as a baby. She’s a cool lady, and I’m grown, so no need to call DCS.

My husband and I are those weird people who drive around to different stores looking for hard to find, rare, and store picks of bourbon. I’ve heard the term “barrel junkies”, which is probably pretty accurate. If you’re into bourbon, you know the struggle. 

In addition to parenting and living amongst four pets, Mr. Sol and I like music, food, and we’re steadily remodeling our second home and trying to convince everyone we know that everything is more fun if it happens at our house. At the very least, the bourbon selection is always great here. 

So, I suppose this is a lifestyle blog of sorts. I’m very much a product of my hometown of Nashville. These are my thoughts on life. 


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